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I’ll grow old,
start acting my age, be a brand new day in a life that you hate.
a crown of gold, a heart that’s harder than stone,
and it hurts to hold on, but it’s missed when it’s gone.

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Anonymous asked:
How do you feel about people anonymously complimenting your looks? It kinda gives me second hand embarrassment. Like sure what they're saying is nice technically but is it warranted or even appropriate? I feel like girls in bands get oogled by a bunch of people who don't know the first thing about them past "I find her attractive and she's holding a guitar", and it's just like, objectifying and weird. I understand men get the same thing but I also think it's more important to(continued)

It’s really nice to hear someone speak up about this type of thing, so thank you for that. And yeah I definitely think it’s something that women in music experience more profoundly, just based on the gender ratio at most shows. You’re very right to assume it is a tiresome thing and 100% of the time I (and I’m sure many other women) find it much more meaningful and refreshing to hear feedback about the music/performance as opposed to anything else. First and foremost, female musicians are there to play music, and as such should be allowed to share their art as comfortably as the next person.

Anonymous asked:
Nurture a scene and environment that is the least threatening and most comfortable for every person whose not a straight white male, considering the abundance of them in diy music scenes and a lack of any other representation. I don't know. Just a rant I guess. I've seen it happen to multiple people. I guess, like you said, people should just "chill"



Daisy (Part B): VHS edits

(Part A)

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Anonymous asked:
is your band touring soon :) ?


exitmusicforafilmm asked:
whats ur guitar set up??

Scroll back in my blog a little bit! Someone asked me this yesterday

Mia Wallace, PULP FICTION (1994)

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theguitargarage asked:
what're you playing on tour? rig rundown!

Sure! Here ya go:

Fender Jag > volume pedal > ts9 OD > ehx big muff pi > mxr carbon copy > mxr phase 90 > ehx cathedral reverb > korg pitchblack > MusicMan HD130 Reverb head > Vox 412 cabinet

(Recently moved the tuner to the end of my chain to cut the signal abruptly for certain songs)

Anonymous asked:
I have a crush on you and also would like to do inappropriate things with/to you. Sorry, not sorry :l